Working Hand in Hand With Nature...

...For the Community

The Hill & Valley Garden Club promotes gardening among amateurs to include arranging, culture, and study of flowers; protecting native trees, wildflowers, and birds; and encouraging conservation of our natural resources. 

...For the Environment

The Hill & Valley Garden Club's  Environmental mission  is to review local environmental problems, their possible solutions,  promote environmental awareness and to advocate sound environmental stewardship.  

             ...For Education

The Hill & Valley Garden Club is an Educational introduction to the art and science of gardening by encouraging creativity and leadership skills through an awareness of the environment and its people.  

                                                                                               Underwater Design Examples for March's  Design Challenge


You Are Invited!

   If you would like to join the Hill & Valley Garden Club please contact: 

  Katie Sokol, our president, if you would like to attend a meeting or receive more info.

Members - for 2024: 

March - 5th

Design - "World Water Day",  Underwater  Design              (page 79, National Garden Club handbook)

"Underwater Design" – a Creative Design having some or all plant material and other optional component/s submerged in water. 

Plant material and other components under water must contribute to the overall design and are selected for their lasting quality. 

Use of Underlay or Back Panel -  Underlay or Back Panel must be neat, and compliment the overall size of the design.

Underlay - Any material placed under the design

                       -With dimensions equal to the width and depth of the design area 

                       - Need not be the same color or texture as staging panel (if used)

                       -Same color/ texture may provide greater rhythm and uniformity to the overall design than do contrasting colors/texture

                        -Measurements of underlay shall not exceed schedule dimensions of width and depth 

                           please refer to page 35 in the NGC Handbook

March 5th Guest Speaker  

Kirsten Sharp, from 'The Natural Garden'

Kirsten will talk about and sell native plants.

2023 Scholarship Recipient Meghan Sours

Meghan is a graduate of Luray High School and received an advanced diploma which includes dual enrolment in Biology and English from Laurel Ridge Community College as well as honors studies in Chemistry, Physics and Anatomy.    She has been accepted at, and will attend, Bridgewater College where she intends to major in Biology.   She then hopes to transfer to Virginia Tech to study to become a veterinarian.

Meghan has been an active member of FFA and 4-H throughout high school, serving in leadership roles and performing much volunteer service for each organization.   She has also worked part time in a local veterinarian practice.   

The $500 scholarship was presented to Meghan at the Luray High School Award night on May 31 by Hill and Valley GC Treasurer Julie Edmonds.

Julie Edmonds, HVGC Treasurer, presenting
Meghan Sours with her Scholarship .