Memorial Trees

In October 2000, the Hill and Valley Garden Club began a Memorial Tree Planting Program at Imagination Station located
in Ralph Dean Park.    Active and Charter members are eligible to have a tree planted in their name.  

Irene Kibler Cave was selected as the first member to receive a tree, since she was the first Charter Member when the club was formed in 1956.    A "Forest Pansy" Redud was selected in her memory.

A formal tree dedication ceremony was held in 2009, photo above.

Listed below are the recipients and trees planted to date:

Jean Good - Willow Oak

Lois Foley - Sourwood

Arthur 'Bud' Gregory - Fringe Tree

Irene Cave - 'forest Pansy' Redbud

Ann Stilwell - Sweetgum

Pauline Davis - 'Stellar Pink' Flowering Dogwood

Jean Gilbert - 'Bloodgood' Japanese Maple

Betty Dautel - 'Victoria' Southern Magnolia

Margaret Berry - Southern Magnolia

Emma Crouch - Red Oak

Ruby Eldridge - Red Oak

These trees were planted to honor our Hill & Valley Garden Club Members.   

The club maintains these Memorial Trees that are planted at Ralph Dean Park in Luray.

This is an Image Carousel.   Photos are of Memorial Markers at each tree site.

Will Daniels, Katie Sokol, and Lesley Mack at 2024 Arbor Day Celebration, at Ralph Dean Park, in Luray.   Planting Fran Gregory's Memorial Tree.    

Several other Hill and Valley Garden Club Member's Trees are planted here around the pavillion.