Trex Plastic Film Recycling Program

Start saving your plastic!  

The goal is to reach 500 pounds in 6 months.  If we achieve that goal we get a free Trex bench.

We've been discussing this for a while and we're ready to give it a try!

What you can do:  Collect plastic (see list of allowable items ) , get an approximate weight and tell Brenda.

Then take it to Food Lion and deposit in the recycling bin(s) outside the store.  

You can take it to any Food Lion store but Luray is convenient for most of us.

Permitted items:

Just about any plastic bag that is dry and clean: Grocery, bread, produce, dry cleaning, ziploc food storage, ice, salt

Plastic shipping envelopes, product wrap, cereal liners, air pillows, bubble wrap

No floral wrap or other shiny, crinkly film

Follow this link for further details

Brenda will officially start the program on July 1 but you can start collecting now.

Do your part to help save the environment!

Katie and Brenda

Brenda phone/text: 703-419-0435 email

Hint from the Trex Company - 

Don’t see your item on the list?

Try these tests to see if your plastic is recyclable polyethylene or not or review the list of frequently asked questions below.

See if the package will stretch when you pull it. 

If yes, it can be included. If it tears like paper, then please don't put in the bin.

Is the package shiny or does it make a crinkly/crunchy sound in your hand? 

If yes, do NOT recycle in the NexTrex® bin.

Brenda reported that on August 1, 2023, that the most recent Trex total is 352 pounds with much of this collected through Sherry's contractor connections.  Many thanks to Sherry and to Brenda for driving to the Winchester warehouse! We are over half way to earning a free bench! 

As of November, 2023, the club has collected enough plastic to earn its first bench.  The bench will be placed and secured to a cement pad in the park, Imagination Station, next to the "free" book drop.  Thanks to all who have collected.

We are now starting on our second  Trex bench.