Environmental Concerns

How Does Gardening Help the Environment?

When looking for productive hobbies, people turn to gardening for several different reasons. They might garden because they want to grow their own produce. It might be a purely aesthetic undertaking, meant to improve the look of their property and fill in the space with something lush, green, or colorful. The thing is, many gardeners aren’t aware of how much gardening can actually help the environment. 

Gardening is a way of improving the environment we live in via the addition of plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables.   When we garden — especially organically — we improve the air and the soil quality. We are growing our own food, beautifying our space, and instead of taking something away from the natural world, we are adding and tending to something green and beautiful. 

Why Gardeners Care

As many gardeners and backyard wildlife enthusiasts across the country have noticed, climate change is already having a significant impact on our backyard habitats.

Taking Action in Your Backyard and Community



The directional arrow above will link you to a 4 minute Doug Tallamy video on Youtube.

This is an early version of "Why Native Plants" from the video, "Urban & Suburban Meadows, Bringing Meadowscaping to Big and Small Places".  https://themeadowproject.com/book-and...   Doug Tallamy, entomologist and author, highlights the importance of native plants and the native plant/ native insect connection for sustainable landscapes. 

Other, local Virginia, Environmental Groups  ~

Blue Ridge Prisim  ~  Blue Ridge PRISM Inc began as a volunteer-driven organization dedicated to reducing the negative impact of invasive plants in the northern Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Effective invasive plant control is a community and neighborhood issue because these aggressive plants know no boundaries – flowing water, birds, hikers, vehicles, and animals scat all help to spread their seeds.