Flower Pounding Prints
With Marcia

H&VGC member Marcia Kaetzel taught club members "how to" make fresh flower "pounding pictures".   
Pictures and note cards were sold at the Heritage Festival.

Dried Flowers for Heritage Festival

Club members dried their fresh flowers to make dried flower bundles to be sold at the Heritage Festival.

Potting Plants for Plant Sales

Clay Workshops

with Cathy Miranda

Club members, over several different sessions, worked with Cathy Miranda the "Pottery Lady" to create art pieces for their gardens.

Wreath Making

Club members collected their evergreens to create holiday wreaths and swags for sale at Calendine Museum's Open House in December.

Flower Printing with Marcia Kaetzel

Marcia giving directions.

Delynda's Apron Print

Denie's T-shirt Print

Lesley's Towel Print, and Adelheid's Bag Print.