Club History

                                                                                              Part One

Brief History of the Hill & Valley Garden Club

The idea of the Hill and Valley Garden Club had its birth over a backyard fence in the spring of 1956.       Rita White and Millie Lipps gardened in their yards and often talked over the fence between them.

Rita was very active in the Luray Garden Club and told Millie that htere should be a garden club for the young mothers in town.  Rita persuaded Millie to bring it up at the next board meeting of the Luray Junior Woman's Club.  The proposal was voted in.

At the next regular meeting of the Junior Women's Club, hosted by Frances Holsinger, the name Hill and Valley Garden Club was proposed by Jean Gilbert.

A motto, club flower, meeting dates and by-laws were voted upon, as well as joining the Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs and hosting a flower show in the first few years.

Adapted from Millie Lipps, April 12, 2006

Historical references

The purpose of our club is to encourage gardening;  find inspiration by working hand-in-hand with nature; enhance our homes and benefit our community.

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