Flower Designs 

and Arrangements

60th Anniversary Flower Show
Petite Division

60th Anniversary Flower Show

Design Division

Designs for Meetings
Parallel Designs

Designs for Meetings

Cascade Designs

Guest Design Presenters

Flower Designs

Odds and Ends

Designs for Meetings

Line Design

Designs for Meetings

Abstract Creative Design ~
although none made the mark.

Designs for Meetings

Petite Arrangement "Musical Notes"  12" x 12" or
Designer's Choice

Marcia's Petite Design

Lesley's Petite Design  ~  "River Keepers", Designer's Choice

Brenda's Petite Design

Julie's Designer's Choice  ~  Musical Notes from Bob Dylan's 'Tamborine Man'.

Will's Petite Design  ~  "Ikebana influence"

Designs for Meetings

Tublar Design "Welcome Autumn" or
Designer's Choice

Will's "Welcome Autumn" Tublar Design

Lesley's "Welcome Autumn" Tublar Design

Julie's "Welcome Autumn" Tublar Design

Marcia's "Welcome Autumn" Tublar Design

Katie's Tublar "Welcome Autumn" design

Club Members

Spouses invited to Annual Salad Luncheon

Julie getting the buffet ready for us.

Designs for Meetings

Still Life Design " US National Landmarks"
or Designer's Choice

Brenda's Designer Choice Halloween

Lesley's Still Life Design - The Great Dismal Swamp, with informational handouts.

Katie's Still Life Design - The Outer Banks

Will's Horticulture Specimens

Marcia's Horticulture Specimens

Our delicious, fall refreshments.  We met in the lovely Burner Barn at the Luray Caverns, a US Natural Landmark.

Designs for Meetings 

Angular Design - "Pollinator Friendly"
or Designer's Choice 

Julie's Angular Design

Will's Angular Design

Brenda's Angular Design

Lesley's Angular Design

Katie's Orchid Horticultural Specimen