Working Hand in Hand With Nature...

...For the Community

The Hill & Valley Garden Club promotes gardening among amateurs to include arranging, culture, and study of flowers; protecting native trees, wildflowers, and birds; and encouraging conservation of our natural resources. 

...For the Environment

The Hill & Valley Garden Club's  Environmental mission  is to review local environmental problems, their possible solutions,  promote environmental awareness and to advocate sound environmental stewardship.  

             ...For Education

The Hill & Valley Garden Club is an Educational introduction to the art and science of gardening by encouraging creativity and leadership skills through an awareness of the environment and its people.  

                                                                                                                           Framed Spatial Design Examples for the February Design Challenge


You Are Invited!

   If you would like to join the Hill & Valley Garden Club please contact: 

  Katie Sokol, our president, if you would like to attend a meeting or receive more info.

Members - for 2024: 

January - Horticultural Specimen - Your Choice.   No Design this month.

February - Design - "Virginia Winters" - Framed Spatial Design, not to exceed 12''x8'' frame.
A Creative Design organized as a single unit suspended in a frame or frame-like structure.
1. No actual movement is permitted, but motion is implied.
2. Height and width of the design are defined by the frame, but design may exceed the depth of frame. 

(page 74 of the National Garden Club handbook)


Garden Lover's Day ~ 2023   A Wonderful Success!

Many Thanks to all the Artists, Musicians, Raffle Ticket Donors, Wine and Food Vendors for their time
artistry and efforts.  The monies raised will help with the Environmental Scholarship Fund.

June TBD, 2024
at Birdsong Pleasure Garden

2023 Garden Lover's Day ~ Photographs 


Bethany Veney Memorial Dedication ~ June 10th, 2023

The dedication ceremony to help honor the memory and legacy of Bethany Veney was well attended, especially with the attendance of Benetta Kufour, the great great granddaughter of Bethany Veney.

Please stop by to read the Interpretive Marker and enjoy the Remembrance Garden, anytime.
411 Carillon Drive, Luray, Virginia.   The HVGC  will continue to maintain the shrubs and plant  flowering natives, at this site,  to maintain its beauty.

2023 Scholarship Recipient Meghan Sours

Meghan is a graduate of Luray High School and received an advanced diploma which includes dual enrolment in Biology and English from Laurel Ridge Community College as well as honors studies in Chemistry, Physics and Anatomy.    She has been accepted at, and will attend, Bridgewater College where she intends to major in Biology.   She then hopes to transfer to Virginia Tech to study to become a veterinarian.

Meghan has been an active member of FFA and 4-H throughout high school, serving in leadership roles and performing much volunteer service for each organization.   She has also worked part time in a local veterinarian practice.   

The $500 scholarship was presented to Meghan at the Luray High School Award night on May 31 by Hill and Valley GC Treasurer Julie Edmonds.

Julie Edmonds, HVGC Treasurer, presenting
Meghan Sours with her Scholarship .