Fund Raising

Fund Raising Activities

Plant Sales ~ Our annual flagship fundraising event, Garden Lover's Day is an exceptional shopping experience for today’s gardener.     Explore a variety of plants nurtured with care, from members gardens or planted from seed.   You will enjoy a selection of perennials, annuals, vegetables, herbs, small trees, shrubs, berry bushes, native plants, house plants and more. 

As you shop, enjoy fare from food vendors,  live music,  and plant experts eager to share their gardening wisdom. This popular event attracts hundreds of Garden Lovers each year. 

2023 Garden Lover's Day ~ Photographs

Bulb Sales ~   A new fund raising event will be the flower blub sale in the fall, offering you exquisite flower bulbs for your gorgeous garden. When most of us think about flower bulbs, we think of tulips and daffodils, hyacinths and crocus.  These beautiful spring bulbs for sale are sold and planted in fall and bloom in early spring.  Our flower bulbs will honor your unique aesthetic and color preferences. 

Raffle Ticket SalesOur non-profit organization holds a raffle every year during Garden Lover's Day, so everyone can count on and look forward to this annual raffle.  Every year the winnings get bigger.  Every year it becomes more popular and more people want to participate.   The prizes have included: restaurant gift certificates, hotel stays, local landmarks such as caverns or museums, nurseries and many others.   These items have been donated by local establishments.   It takes some planning writing a letter requesting a prize donation for the raffle with the promise to advertise and acknowledge each businesses's generosity.  But It is great publicity for them, and we are very happy to oblige.